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Northface Correspondence to Owners

Homer adding older documents as time permits - should have 'er done after sugar maplin' season...


   Year From Purpose

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Board of




08 Jan 2019


    Mandatory Cleaning of Fireplace Flues

Association is requiring that all fireplaces be professionally cleaned for purposes of insurance.  Owners provided the option of having their fireplace cleaned for $95 or providing proof of a professional cleaning in 2018

18 Dec 2018


    Multiple Topics - Mainly Rules

Package notice that forwarding the following:

1.  Nov 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2.  Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Notice

3.  Snow Policy

4.  Winter Parking Tag Policy

5.  Northface Resort Owner's Contact List (Note - that list not included in this link due to privacy considerations.

     You can find the list with access instructions under worth knowing/owners list

6.  Rules & Regs Highlight Sheet

10 Dec 2018       Snow Removal Efforts Procedures on owner responsibilities on how to handle vehicles (i.e. MOVE THEM) during snow plowing, walkways, and sand barrels
10 Nov 2018       Winter Parking Policy All vehicles to have a Northface parking tag during winter prking periods.  Violators to be fined/towed
10 Nov 2018       Annual Association Meeting Minutes Minutes of Meeting
31 Oct 2018


    Change of Maintenance Companys

"Effective tomorrow, November 1, 2018, the E.G. Chandler Company of Intervale, NH, will be assuming the responsibility of snow removal, landscaping, emergency services, and maintenance at the Northface Resort Condominiums....The telephone number for E. G. Chandler Inc is 603-356-6060.  This line is their 24/7, 365 days line.  You can use this line for both reporting non-emergency and emergency situations."

31 Oct 2018


    Notice of Candidates for Board of Directors

Listing of Board Members seeking reelection as well as those owners seeking election at the annual meeting

27 Sep 2018   X   Notice to NF Owners Steve Richardson, longtime Maintenance Contractor, has decided not to renew at Northface as it is time to transition to retirement
17 Oct 2018


    2018 Annual Meeting Notice Annual Meeting to be held 10 Nov 2018 at the Gibson Center.  Three Members of the Board to be elected
13 Oct 2018   X   Building Painting Update Completion of  building 3 delayed due to weather but on-going - hopeful to get onto Building 2 Deck prior to winter
6 Jul 2018 X     Facebook and Board Email Forwards new Facebook group and board email address
27 Jun 2018   X   General Reminders plus minutes from Nov 2017 Annual Meeting and Apr 2018 Board Meeting Forwards condo rules as this time the Board intends to assess fines [instead of just talking about it again], Also minutes of past meetings for reference
18 Dec 2017 X     2017 Winter Parking Policy

*Effective 1 December 2017 to 15 April 2018

*All vehicles have to have a numbered parking tag or subject to monetary fine and towing (levels stipulated in policy)

17 Dec 2017 X     Reminders to Unit Owners

*Provides each unit owner a balance statement including the special assessments

*References the 18 Dec 17 Parking Policy and iterates "The Winter Parking Policy will be strictly enforced..."

*Provides the latest list of rules

[Note:  Rules have become confusing as the Association does not publish one set of rules, but sends newsletters and updates with the latest "new rule".  If you do want a comprehensive list, recommend you click on rules, which is Homer's consolidate list from the newsletters.  Also note that while rules letters always stress strict enforcement and fines, there is no fine list nor do owners appear to be fined (Question asked at the Nov 2017 Annual Meeting)]

16 Oct 2017       Notice of Annual Meeting *Normal meeting materials (Agenda, past meeting minutes, budget)

*Also includes list of recent renter rules violations for discussion of a possible new rules or change to the Condo Docs

25 Mar 2017


    Quarterly Meeting Minutes

*Status of deck replacement. 

*Status of fire alarms.  Warning given that "no one but qualified personnel should touch any part of the fire alarm system."  Board reiterated that if a false alarm is generated due to carelessness or negligence, the unit owner will be responsible for the cost of the false alarm and/or rectifying

*Position that the owners list should not be posted on the web despite password protection. 

[Note:  No guidance provided as to how unit owners can obtain a copy of the owners list]

*Status of snow removal.  Operations hindered this year by unit owners/guests not cooperating to policy.  Each car was provided with a sticker last year.  While too late to address this year, Board plans to enforce next winter with hefty fines for those who do not adhere to the policy to ensure safe and complete plowing can be accomplished

*Problems with unsafe and misuse of fireplaces:  Due to numerous incidents, the Board passed a rule, under the provisions provided as such in the Condo documents, that " that effectively immediately, ALL owners that rent their units or let relatives and family use their units without the unit owner present MUST have proof of homeowners insurance on the unit kept on file with the management office. This insurance coverage must provide coverage for renters in a unit and the renters' actions; and the insurance certificate on file must be current at all times. In addition, going forward, ONLY unit owners will be allowed to use any woodstoves in a unit; renters and guests in a unit will not be allowed to use the woodstoves (including pellet stoves). It will be the unit owner's responsibility to secure any stove in a unit and enforce this policy; or the unit owner will be automatically fined $500 per occurrence observed and reported."




16 Dec 2016   X   Winter Parking Policy To be effective from 1 Dec to  15 Apr each winter season

*Every car to have a numbered parking tag displayed on the front of the windshield.  Violations are $25/Day 1, $50/Day 2, $100 Day 3, Car towed at owners expense on day 4

16 Dec 2016 X     Owner Notification

Numerous topics

*Processing options for deck special assessment

*Winter Vehicle Policy

*Laundry List of items for owners to be aware; a) need for homeowners policy, b) changing of hot water tanks, c) replacement/maintenance of washing machine hoses, d) cleaning of dryer vents, e) cleaning of fireplace flues, f) heat in units to be maintained at 50-55 degrees, g)  Only owners can have pets on the premises, h) Building 2 and 3 front (Lawn) staircases are to be used for Emergencies only, i) policy on wood storage of only 1/3 cord maximum on any deck.

12 Nov 2016       Annual Meeting Minutes  
Nov 2016 X     Owner Notification of Meeting Annual Meeting documentations
Sep 2016   X   Newsletter


*Capital Improvement (Decks and Driveway) with $2,500 special assessment

*Minutes of 20 Aug 2016 Special Owners Meeting to address special assessment

*Important Information or Reminders (e.g., Additional Board rules and standard operating procedures for the association)

12 Aug 2016   X   Supplemental Information Details and cost breakout to support the special on 20 Aug 2016
18 Jul 2016 X     Owner Notification Notification of Special Owners Meeting on 20 Aug 2016 concerning Capital Improvements
21 May 2016


X   E-Mail Owner Update Pope Security will be accessing all units the next week to begin change out of expired Carbon Monoxide detectors
22 Apr 2016


X   E-Mail Owner Update

Progress in regards to exterior repairs. 

1)  Board authorized immediate repair for Bldg 2 &3 front decks with funds coming out of painting fund.  Additional pricing coming in for rest of deck work.  Future assessment TBD but expected to be in the range of $500 (~ 2 months monthly fee). 

2)  Pool liner needs replacement again at cost of $4600

3)  CO detectors need replacement at cost of $5,666

11 Mar 2016



  Owner Notification Status update:  Nov 2015 Annual meeting had discussed the need for a large assessment to replace decks, stairs and railings on buildings 1 to 4.  Also to have a follow on meeting in April 2016.  April 2016 meeting postponed and status of project provided


13 Oct 2015


    Owner Notification Notification of 2015 annual meeting (14 Nov 2015, 1000, at Gibson Center).  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting


13 Oct 2015


    Owner Notification Notification of 2015 annual meeting (14 Nov 2015, 1000, at Gibson Center).  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting
10 Dec 2014  


  Owner Notification Snow removal policy and efforts
Dec 2014  



Recap of association meeting (dues increasing to $255/month starting Jan 2015, send e-mail if an owner still wants a monthly statement), Unit Owners Obligation reminders (thermostat settings, fire alarm batteries, cleaning stove pipes in your unit)

16 Oct 2014


    Owner Notification Notification of 2014 annual meeting.  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting


16 Nov


    Annual Meeting Minutes Summation of past year and future plans.  Remembrance of Dave Bridgewood, Long time Board member serving as treasurer


    Annual Meeting Notice Undated package containing Annual Meeting Agenda and Meeting Information




3 Nov 2012


    Annual Meeting Minutes

Moment of silence for Frank Hogg and Tony Bellucci (both who passed this year), Annual reports plus emphasis on rules/fines (no grills on decks, no unleashed dogs, or abandoning items in storage common areas). 

Spring 2012  


  Newsletter   Passing of Frank Hogg and Tony Bellucci (two prominent Northface leaders sorely missed), New Pool to be ready by late June,  Important Info or Reminders (Rules).  Items such as procedures to change locks, lockouts, water heater checking, fire alarm operation




12 Nov 2011  


  Annual Meeting Minutes  




20 Dec  


  Misc Owner Notices Maintenance fee raises to $225/month starting 1 Jan and how to pay, Cars not moved during snow clearing of parking lot will be plowed in, keep unit heat at 55 degrees minimum
21 Oct 2010


    Owner Notification Notification of 2010 annual meeting.  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting
5 Jun


    Owners Meeting Review Audit Findings from the Finance Committee (For a period of time, the Association tried going to two meetings a year.  This was one of those years)


7 Jan 2009

X X   Owner Notification Joint letter explaining traffic/property accident on property on New Years


8 Jan 2008

X X   Annual Meeting Minutes  


Nov 2002 X X   Newsletter Executive Board news concerning new officers and condo procedures concerning snow removal




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