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Northface Correspondence to Owners


    Year Purpose

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13 Jan 2023 Board of Director Meeting Minutes Minutes from the 1st 2023 Quarterly Meeting.  Also provides dates of remaining Board Meetings aand Annual Meeting Date (11 Nov), and the winter snow removal policy
06 Jan 2023 Reminder of 7 Jan Board Meeting Resent agenda and provided Zoom number for interested owners to dial into and latest financial statement
28 Dec 2022 Notice of 7 Jan 2023 Board Meeting Forwards Agenda and Financial statement of Association
22 Dec 2022 Reminder forwarding association rules and snow removal policy No changes from past submittals - just reminder prior to the start of the Holiday week
06 Dec 2022 Chimney Assessment (1st Quarter) First $250 Quarterly assessment towards repair of chimneys as approved by owners at the 2022 Annual Meeting  Assessments due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul, and 31 Oct.
23 Nov 2022 Annual Meeting - Minutes Forwards the minutes of last weeks annual meeting.  Key points (listed in bold type in minutes) were increase in monthly condo fees from $275 to $325 per month starting in Jan 2023.  Also, a quarterly assessment to rectify the chimney/clues of $250 per quarter (starting 1 Jan 2023) as well as a TBD assessment once the final cost is determined.  Packet also included revised budget (based on annual meeting), owners list by building and snow removal policy.
14 Nov 2022 Chimney Committee Action item from the 12 Nov 2022 Annual meeting.  This notice solicits owner volunteers to participate in a chimney committee to work with the Board and Management to facilitate the resolution of the chimney/flue issue
12 Nov 2022` Annual Meeting - Zoom Link Forwards zoom link for meeting that morning
11 Nov 2022 Annual Meeting - Reminder Resending information as reminder for the annual meeting the next day
09 Nov 2022 Board of Directors - Sep Minutes Forwards minutes of the 17 Sep 2022 Board Meeting.  Key subjects addressed were chimney options and roofing
08 Nov 2022 Special Meeting - Chimneys/Flues Corrects 04 Nov mail on voting.  Owner had pointed out that the 2/3 vote articulated in the 4 Nov email was the exact opposite.  2/3 vote is required to disapprove the budget - not approve.  The lawyers analysis provided was correct - the email summary had transcribed the opposite.
07 Nov 2022 Annual Meeting - Board Candidates Forwards intent statements from four owners who seek election to the Board at the 12 Nov 2022 Annual Meeting
04 Nov 2022 Special Meeting - Chimneys/Flues [Note:   This email contains an error on vote requirements and was corrected in an 8 Nov email].  Forwards a legal review for repair of chimneys and conduct of Special Meeting.  Also includes second option regarding conversion to pellet stoves.  Also discusses 3rd option to install Class A Chimneys (with wood structure) in lieu of the Bldg 2 and 3 Masonry option as not cost effective (but provides no substantiation data supporting that conclusion)
03 Nov 2022 Special Meeting - Chimneys/Flues Update of previously sent (2 Nov) information but includes proxy for the special meeting
02 Nov 2022 Special Meeting - Chimney/Flues Forwards information to be presented at the 12 Nov Special Meeting (To be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting - agenda forwarded on 21 Oct)
21 Oct 2022 Annual Meeting Notice Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday 12 Nov - forwards the meeting information to owners
17 Oct 2022 Roofing installation notice Building 2 and 3 Roofing notice - Roofers to complete roofs starting on 24 October
30 Sep 2022 4th Invoice for Roof Special Assessment 4th and final payment of $500 (of $2,000 total) Assessment for replacement of the roofs as approved by owners at the Nov 2021 Annual Meeting.  There will be four invoices of $500 each for a total of a $2,000 special assessment.  Payments are due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul, and 31 Oct 2022
23 Sep 2022 Parking Request for car of unknown owner to not park parallel to wall in parking lot
16 Sep 2022 Chimneys/Flues - Engineer Report Forwards reports from Bergeron Technical Services (engineering firm retained to assess chimney/flu situation) on the selective demo & their follow up report.  Also includes the summary of the Board's discussion with Bergeron that was previously distributed for owners review
16 Sep 2022 Board of Director Meeting Notice Reminder or upcoming 17 Sep Board of Directors Meeting (Notice sent 7 Sep).  Also forwards financial statements as well as management and winter contract comparisons for Board Discussion
07 Sep 2022 Board Meeting Notice Notice of 17 Sep quarterly Board of Directors Meeting (with agenda)
24 Aug 2022 Chimneys Update on chimney issue.  Engineer's report received but has inconsistencies - suggests " holding on the purchase of any wood or pellet stove related items."
22 Aug 2022 Chimneys Message from President on chimney - providing "update on where we are on this project in general."
19 Aug 2022 Roofs Roof update; Building 4 completed.  Roofers starrted on parking lot side of building 2 - expect to finish that side today.  Will hold off on the mountain view side until chimney situation resolved.  (so buildings 1 and 4 complete and working on half of building 2)
17 Aug 2022 Roofs 4th (and final) installment of $500 for roof replacement due
08 Aug 2022 Roofs Notice of re-roofing to begin next week with Building 1
22 Jul 2022 Minutes of 25 Jun 2022 Board of Directors Meeting Forwards minutes and current financial status.  Key topics were roof replacement (Bldgs 1-4) and chinmey status (Bldgs 1-4) as well as other maintenance items (Annual fire alarm inspection and carbon monoxide detector replacement
15 Jul 2022 Northface Updates and Reminders Status update on roof replacement and Chimneys, Carbon Monoxide Detector replacement and fire alarm testing, Summer Reminder
13 Jul 2022 3rd Invoice for Roof Special Assessment $500 (of $2,000 total) Assessment for replacement of the roofs as approved by owners at the Nov 2021 Annual Meeting.  There will be four invoices of $500 each for a total of a $2,000 special assessment.  Payments are due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul, and 31 Oct.
13 Jul 2022 Northface CO2 Detector Replacements Replaced at end of 5 year life.  Newly installed detectors good for 10 years
08 Jul 2022 Northface Fire Alarm System Inspections Providing dates for yearly fire alarm inspection of all units
24 Jun 2022 Notice of Grass Mowing Rationale for not mowing due to hot weather - grass to be mowed by 4th of July weekend
16 Jun 2022 Notice of Casual Conversation June monthly meeting for those owners interested to discuss topics of interest (Informal discussion opportunity outside of the Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings)
16 May 2022 Notice of Casual Conversation May monthly meeting for those owners interested to discuss topics of interest (Informal discussion opportunity outside of the Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings)
19 Apr 2022 Minutes from 26 Mar 2022 Board Meeting Key discussion items were; roofs, chimney/fireplace status, Building 3 drainage issue and Common Area Basements,
08 Apr 2022 2nd Invoice for Roof Special Assessment $500 (of $2,000 total) Assessment for replacement of the roofs as approved by owners at the Nov 2021 Annual Meeting.  There will be four invoices of $500 each for a total of a $2,000 special assessment.  Payments are due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul, and 31 Oct.
04 Apr 2022 Preliminary Chimney/Fireplace Report Forwards the 07 Feb 2022 preliminary Engineers Report from Bergeron Technical Services (BTS).  Package includes disclaimer from the Northface Board that this is a preliminary report with many questions still to be answered and options investigated.  The Board highly recommends "....waiting until this process is complete before making any alterations to your wood or pellet stove, as there will probably be additional issues identified."
12 Mar 2022 Notice of 1st Qtrly Board Meeting Forwards notice and agenda.  All are welcome to attend in person or telecon/Zoom.  [Note:  Board Open Meetings are for the Board to conduct Board Business with owners invited/welcomed to attend to " afforded a reasonable opportunity to comment on any matter affecting the association." (NH Condo Law, Chapter 356-B:37-c)]
04 Mar 2022 Chimney/Fireplace Update Board met with the Engineer (Bergeron Technical Services) on site to review findings in the BTS initial report of 7 Feb 2022.  Thus problem first began with Bldg 2 and 3 common flue issues.  There have been two other issues which impact all owners (Except Stratford).  There as a clearance issue of the the chimney connector pipe which is an issue for most units and also (some units) installed stoves were not done to the manufacture required clearances.  Stoves in Bldg 1 and 4 should not be used unless the latter two issues are corrected with documentation first sent to management.
23 Feb 2022 Chimney/Fireplace Update The Board has received the engineers report.  There is no possibility of using the fireplaces in any unit in buildings 2 and 3 this winter season.  There are remaining questions to be answered to determine options.  The Board hopes to have answers by the March owner's meeting.
21 Feb 2022 Year End Financials and Misc Reminders Year End Financials, 26 Mar 2022 Board Meeting notice, vehicles must be registered with management, latch trash dunpsters especially due to bears, Owner Responsibilities (aka Northface Rules)
15 Feb 2022 Notice of Monthly Casual Conversation Monthly casual conversation - "just to keep owners in the loop between BOD meetings"
28 Jan 2022 Snow Removal Parking Policy Forwards policy in anticipation of snow for the upcoming weekend
26 Jan 2022 Chimney/Fireplace Update Management met with Engineers on 26 Jan.  The Engineers Report and recommendations is expected within two weeks.  Once the report is received it will be shared with all owners.  Also includes Board letter addressing additional concerns with fireplaces in bldgs 1 and 4 - will specifics to be sent out to individual owners.
26 Jan 2022 Notice to Bldg 2 and 3 Owners - Fireplace status Status on engineer inspections of flues.  Includes Board Memo providing heads up of stove issues found in the other buildings that owners might want to get a head start on if they feel they have similar issues
21 Jan 2022 Nov 2021 Financials and Misc Reminders Nov 2021 Financial statement, $100 Special assessment for unit pool side exterior lights due 15 Jan, The first $500 installment of the $2,000/Unit special assessment for roof replacement is due 31 Jan.  Next open owner discussion will be on 8 Feb 2022
21 Jan 2022 Chimney/Fireplace Update Engineers (Bergeron Technical Services) will be at Northface on 26 Jan to conduct the chimney flue inspection in buildings 2 and 3 (Units 9-32)
30 Dec 2021

Roof  Assessment invoice correction

Corrects invoice sent earlier in day (erroneously listing the $500 assessment to exterior lights but it is instead for the roofs)
30 Dec 2021 1st Invoice for Roof Special Assessment $500 (of $2,000 total) Assessment for replacement of the roofs as approved by owners at the Nov 2021 Annual Meeting.  There will be four invoices of $500 each for a total of a $2,000 special assessment.  Payments are due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul, and 31 Oct.

[Note; invoice incorrectly lists the assessment as pertaining to the exterior lights - this was an error and corrected in a notice later this same day]

29 Dec 2021 Misc items of interest 1) Electrician to be installing exterior (parking lot side) exterior lights, 2) Items stored in the Bldg 3 and 4 basements should be labeled with owner and unit number as soon as possible (including firewood), 3) Monthly 0pen discussion with owners on Jan 11th.
15 Dec 2021 Unit exterior light replacement invoice (Assessment) Electrician is planning to start the install on the front entry exterior lights on Friday, Dec 17, 2021.
15 Dec 2021 Invoice for deck side exterior light Invoice for porch (Mt Side) exterior light.  This was voted for at the 11 Nov Annual meeting.  Note, this is the second of two invoices - the invoice for the front (parking lot side) exterior light) was sent on 5 Oct.  Each invoice for $100.
10_Dec 2021 Notice that car is hampering snow removal Provides license plate of car not registered with the association with request to move immediately [or be towed].  Also forwards the Northface Snow policy and the Northface Rules
07_Dec 2021 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes Forwards minutes of the 2021 Annual meeting.  Contains the 27 Oct 2021 letter from the Fire Department prohibiting use of building 2 and 3 fireplaces.  Also forwards [again] the snow parking policy and the Northface Association Rules
11 Nov 2021 Reminder of Annual meeting and supporting documentation Establishes rules for meeting due to pandemic covid-19 precautions.  Forwards key meeting information to include 1) 2022 projected budget, 2) Rules of the Association, 3) Roof replacement presentation, 4)  Board of Director Candidates, 5) Minutes of 2020 annual meeting, and 6) Original meeting notice
Nov 2021 Safety Sweep Cleaning/Inspection Report
  • Report sent to owners in buildings 1, 4, and Stratford concerning status of their fireplaces. 

  • The report did not go out to owners in buildings 2 and 3 as no inspection/cleaning was conducted due to an identified code issue with the common flues (see 02 Nov 2021 letter below)

02 Nov 2021 Building 2 and 3 Fireplaces Fireplaces not to be used until further notice due to concerns with flues
12 Oct 2021 Notice of Annual Meeting and updated Rules Annual meeting agenda.  Update to rules from that sent out on 6 Oct (adds provision for long term renters to use fireplaces, with certain provisions, to Rule 3)

Note:  A little confusing as both this set of rules, as well as the one sent on 6 Oct are both dated 18 Sep 2021 - so make sure you are using the set of rules sent with this email for the most current version

06 Oct 2021 Board Minutes and Updated Rules/Fines

-Minutes of 18 Sep 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

-Adds new rule (#17) No smoking or vaping of any substance on the pool side decks. (Includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cannabis).

05 Oct 2021 Assessment - Parking Lot Side Light Forwards $100 assessment for light replacement as voted on y owners at the Nov 2020 Annual Meetiing
17 Sep 2021 Multiple Reminders - Forwards Audit Reminder of 18 Sep Open Board of Directors Meeting, Invitation for Owners to join committees, forwarding of CY 2020 Financial Audit
8 Sep 2021 Notice:  18 Sep Open Board of Directors Meetings Notice and Agenda for the 18 Sep Open Board of Directors Meeting.  This is the third meeting for 2021 (The first held on 27 Mar 2021 and the second on 27 Mar 2021)
29_Jul 2021 Minutes: 19 Jun Open Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of the 19 Jun 2021 Open Board of Directors Meeting
17 Jun 2021 Reminder:  19 Jun Open Board of Directors Meeting Original notice sent 4 Jun 2021.  This is the second of 2021 Board of Directors Open Meeting in which Owners are welcomed to attend
11 Jun 2021 Lighting fixture reminder Reminder to respond by 16 Jun 2021 so topic can be discussed at the 19 Jun 2021 Open Board of Directors Meeting (Initial request sent 28 May 2021)
4 Jun 2021 Notice of 19 Jun Open Board of Directors Meetings Notice and Agenda for the 19 Jun Open Board of Directors Meeting.  This is the second meeting for 2021 (The first held on 27 Mar 2021)
28 May 2021 Minutes of 27 Mar 2021 Open Board of Directors Meeting Misc subjects
28 May 2021 Door light options Request to owners to vote on door light fixtures from three options
20 May 2021 Pool Opening Notice Pool to be open on 28 May for the Memorial Day Weekend.  Although the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions are lessening, notice lists several actions owners still need to be aware
26 Mar 2021 Meeting Notification and Materials for the 1st Qtr Board of Directors Open Session Meeting (for 27 Mar 2021) Email containing

1)  Agenda for 27 Mar 2021 (Previously sent on 16 Mar)

2)  Proposed Cell Tower Information Paper

3)  February Financial Statement (not included in this link - owners can obtain from the email)

16 Mar 2021 Meeting Notification, past minutes, information Email containing three separate items

1)  Agenda for 27 Mar 2021 quarterly Northface Board of Directors Meeting

2)  Minutes from 27 Feb 2021 Short Term Rentals Special Meeting

3)  Board of Directors Letter to the Town Planner writing in opposition to the proposed Artist Falls Road Cell Tower Construction

23 Feb 2021 Special Meeting Notification, - Short Term Rentals Second reminder for the Special Meeting on 27 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 Special Meeting Notification - Short Term Rentals

Meeting announcement for 27 Feb 2021 Special Meeting on Short Term Rentals (needed to be sent 21 days in advance)

  • Short Term Rentals had been an agenda at the Nov 2020 Annual Meeting but deferred due to time constraints

  • This meeting was held to allow for any discussion based on the Board of Directors 17 Aug 2020 direction
  • A position paper, including the position of the Board of Directors, was included in the meeting notification

29 Jan 2021 Provides owners amount of Special Assessment for Financial Audit Financial Special Assessment Amount (Omitted from 28 Jan 2021 email)
28 Jan 2021 Rules, Parking, Special Assessment Forwards 1) Rules of the Association, 2) Snow Parking Policy, 3)  Reminder of Special Assessment on 1 Mar 2021
22 Dec 2020 Introduction of New Management Company

Email to Owners with letter attached "Forest Glen Property Management Welcomes Northface Resort" 

  • Provides new management company contact information

  • Requests Owners provide contact information as well as vehicle and any pet information

01 Dec 2020 Forwards Year End Account Statements Forwards Year End Account Statements, heads up to expect notification from New Management Company (taking effect 1 Jan 2021)
24 Nov 2020 Northface Minutes, Budget, Reminders

Minutes of the 7 Nov 2020 Annual Meeting

  • Welcome to four new owners

  • Reminders for 1) Dryer vent cleaning and 2)Addresses to send monthly payment during transition of the management company
  • Revised budget from Annual Meeting
30 Oct 2020 Annual Meeting Information Package Documentation to support the Annual Meeting to be sent 21 days in advance to unit owners per Northface  By-Laws
16 Oct 2020 Call for Candidates - Board of Director Position Election for one position on the Board will be held at the 7 Nov 2020 Annual Meeting.  Any owner who is interested in running for this position was asked to notify management "in writing(email) of your intention to run along with a brief personal statement."
12 Oct 2020 Reminder of Fire Alarm Tests Courtesy Reminder the fire alarm testing will be done at all Northface Units over the next two days
08 Oct 2020 Reminder of Fire Alarm Tests Tests to be done for all units the following week by Pope Security (Accompanied by SPM)
01 Oct 2020 4th 2020 Quarterly Meeting Agenda items for meeting to be held on 3 Oct
23 Sep 2020 4th 2020 Quarterly Meeting Notice the date of the meeting has been postponed due to extenuating circumstances
23 Sep 2020 Annual Chimney Cleaning/Inspection To be done 28/29 Sep to be done in all units with fireplaces.   Invoices for cleanings will be sent directly to unit owners
14 Sep 2020 Short Term Rental Survey Reminder Courtesy reminder to complete the survey [by 16 Sep as requested on 9 Sep] as only 68% of owners have responded to date
09 Sep 2020 Short Term Rental Survey Notification Notification that owners will receive a Short Term Rental Survey invitation to their listed email accounts from "Survey Monkey".  Owners were requested to complete the survey by 16 Sep 2020 [so the results would be available for the Sep Quarterly Meeting]
17 Aug 2020 Min 30 Day Rental Period Sent 18 Aug - Boards directive to enforce the Condo Docs 30 day minimum rental period starting Tuesday Oct 13 2020
15 Aug 2020 Board Meeting Minutes Sent 21 AugMeeting to discuss rental periods with decision to enforce the Northface Condominium Documents with rentals of no less than 30 days
14 Jul 2020 3rd 2020 Quarterly Meeting Forwards Minutes of the 20 Jun Quarterly meeting.  Also includes safety and maintenance reminders to owners
16 Jun 2020 3rd 2020 Quarterly Meeting Notification of 20 Jun 2020 Quarterly Meeting
15 Jun 2020 Management Company Resignation Resignation Letter to Northface Board with cc to all owners that Selective Property Management has elected not to renew the contract in Sep 2020 after 17 years for reasons stated in the letter
21 May 2020 2nd 2020 Quarterly Meeting Minutes of 13 May quarterly meeting
06 May 2020 2nd 2020 Quarterly Meeting Notice of 13 May quarterly meeting
08 Apr 2020 1st 2020 Quarterly Meeting Minutes of 21 Mar quarterly meeting
20 Mar 2020 1st 2020 Quarterly Meeting Notice of 21 Mar quarterly meeting
18 Dec 2019 Management Notice
  • Reminder Monthly Maintenance fee increasing to $275 on 1 Jan 2020
  • Annual Meeting minutes and winter parking policy to be mailed
  • Rule reminders; Only owners can have pets and they must be registered, parking in the building walkways for short period only, renters not allowed to use fireplaces, owners responsible for actions of their guests/renters, owners responsible for changing batteries in fire alarms and responsible for any costs related to false alarms to fire and maintenance company, All owners should have an H06 insurance policy, storage units in buildings 3 and 4 are at owners risk.
9 Nov 2019 Minutes of Annual Meeting  
19 Oct 2019 Notification of Annual Meeting  
10 Oct 2019 Management Notice - Annual Mtg There will be one position opening for the Board of Directors at the Nov Annual Meeting.  Any owner interested running for election should submit aletter of intention and a brief personal statement to management
24 Sep 2019 Meeting Reminder
  • 29 Sep 2019:  Next quarterly meeting of the Northface Resort Executive Board
  • 09 Nov 2019:  Annual owners meeting will be at 10am at the Gibson Center
19 Jul 2019 Meeting Reminder 23 Jun 2019:  Next quarterly meeting of the Northface Resort Executive Board
08 Jul 2019 Management Notice - Painting Painting of Building 2 to begin.  Anticipate limited use of the decks during the painting timeframe
08 Jan 2019 Maintenance - Mandatory Cleaning of Fireplace Flues

Association is requiring that all fireplaces be professionally cleaned for purposes of insurance.  Owners provided the option of having their fireplace cleaned for $95 or providing proof of a professional cleaning in 2018

18 Dec 2018 Multiple Topics - Mainly Rules

Package notice that forwarding the following:

1.  Nov 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2.  Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Notice

3.  Snow Policy

4.  Winter Parking Tag Policy

5.  Northface Resort Owner's Contact List (Note - that list not included in this link due to privacy considerations.

     You can find the list with access instructions under worth knowing/owners list

6.  Rules & Regs Highlight Sheet

10 Dec 2018 Snow Removal Efforts Procedures on owner responsibilities on how to handle vehicles (i.e. MOVE THEM) during snow plowing, walkways, and sand barrels
10 Nov 2018 Winter Parking Policy All vehicles to have a Northface parking tag during winter prking periods.  Violators to be fined/towed
10 Nov 2018 Annual Association Meeting Minutes Minutes of Meeting
31 Oct 2018 Change of Maintenance Companys

"Effective tomorrow, November 1, 2018, the E.G. Chandler Company of Intervale, NH, will be assuming the responsibility of snow removal, landscaping, emergency services, and maintenance at the Northface Resort Condominiums....The telephone number for E. G. Chandler Inc is 603-356-6060.  This line is their 24/7, 365 days line.  You can use this line for both reporting non-emergency and emergency situations."

31 Oct 2018 Notice of Candidates for Board of Directors

Listing of Board Members seeking reelection as well as those owners seeking election at the annual meeting

27 Sep 2018 Notice to NF Owners Steve Richardson, longtime Maintenance Contractor, has decided not to renew at Northface as it is time to transition to retirement
17 Oct 2018 2018 Annual Meeting Notice Annual Meeting to be held 10 Nov 2018 at the Gibson Center.  Three Members of the Board to be elected
13 Oct 2018 Building Painting Update Completion of  building 3 delayed due to weather but on-going - hopeful to get onto Building 2 Deck prior to winter
6 Jul 2018 Facebook and Board Email Forwards new Facebook group and board email address
27 Jun 2018 General Reminders plus minutes from Nov 2017 Annual Meeting and Apr 2018 Board Meeting Forwards condo rules as this time the Board intends to assess fines [instead of just talking about it again], Also minutes of past meetings for reference
18 Dec 2017 2017 Winter Parking Policy

*Effective 1 December 2017 to 15 April 2018

*All vehicles have to have a numbered parking tag or subject to monetary fine and towing (levels stipulated in policy)

17 Dec 2017 Reminders to Unit Owners

*Provides each unit owner a balance statement including the special assessments

*References the 18 Dec 17 Parking Policy and iterates "The Winter Parking Policy will be strictly enforced..."

*Provides the latest list of rules

[Note:  Rules have become confusing as the Association does not publish one set of rules, but sends newsletters and updates with the latest "new rule".  If you do want a comprehensive list, recommend you click on rules, which is Homer's consolidate list from the newsletters.  Also note that while rules letters always stress strict enforcement and fines, there is no fine list nor do owners appear to be fined (Question asked at the Nov 2017 Annual Meeting)]

16 Oct 2017 Notice of Annual Meeting *Normal meeting materials (Agenda, past meeting minutes, budget)

*Also includes list of recent renter rules violations for discussion of a possible new rules or change to the Condo Docs

25 Mar 2017 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

*Status of deck replacement. 

*Status of fire alarms.  Warning given that "no one but qualified personnel should touch any part of the fire alarm system."  Board reiterated that if a false alarm is generated due to carelessness or negligence, the unit owner will be responsible for the cost of the false alarm and/or rectifying

*Position that the owners list should not be posted on the web despite password protection. 

[Note:  No guidance provided as to how unit owners can obtain a copy of the owners list]

*Status of snow removal.  Operations hindered this year by unit owners/guests not cooperating to policy.  Each car was provided with a sticker last year.  While too late to address this year, Board plans to enforce next winter with hefty fines for those who do not adhere to the policy to ensure safe and complete plowing can be accomplished

*Problems with unsafe and misuse of fireplaces:  Due to numerous incidents, the Board passed a rule, under the provisions provided as such in the Condo documents, that " that effectively immediately, ALL owners that rent their units or let relatives and family use their units without the unit owner present MUST have proof of homeowners insurance on the unit kept on file with the management office. This insurance coverage must provide coverage for renters in a unit and the renters' actions; and the insurance certificate on file must be current at all times. In addition, going forward, ONLY unit owners will be allowed to use any woodstoves in a unit; renters and guests in a unit will not be allowed to use the woodstoves (including pellet stoves). It will be the unit owner's responsibility to secure any stove in a unit and enforce this policy; or the unit owner will be automatically fined $500 per occurrence observed and reported."




16 Dec 2016 Winter Parking Policy

To be effective from 1 Dec to  15 Apr each winter season

*Every car to have a numbered parking tag displayed on the front of the windshield.  Violations are $25/Day 1, $50/Day 2, $100 Day 3, Car towed at owners expense on day 4

16 Dec 2016 Owner Notification

Numerous topics

*Processing options for deck special assessment

*Winter Vehicle Policy

*Laundry List of items for owners to be aware; a) need for homeowners policy, b) changing of hot water tanks, c) replacement/maintenance of washing machine hoses, d) cleaning of dryer vents, e) cleaning of fireplace flues, f) heat in units to be maintained at 50-55 degrees, g)  Only owners can have pets on the premises, h) Building 2 and 3 front (Lawn) staircases are to be used for Emergencies only, i) policy on wood storage of only 1/3 cord maximum on any deck.

12 Nov 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes  
19 Oct 2016 Owner Notification of Meeting Annual Meeting documentations
Sep 2016 Newsletter


*Capital Improvement (Decks and Driveway) with $2,500 special assessment

*Minutes of 20 Aug 2016 Special Owners Meeting to address special assessment

*Important Information or Reminders (e.g., Additional Board rules and standard operating procedures for the association)

12 Aug 2016 Supplemental Information Details and cost breakout to support the special on 20 Aug 2016
18 Jul 2016 Owner Notification Notification of Special Owners Meeting on 20 Aug 2016 concerning Capital Improvements
21 May 2016 E-Mail Owner Update Pope Security will be accessing all units the next week to begin change out of expired Carbon Monoxide detectors
22 Apr 2016 E-Mail Owner Update

Progress in regards to exterior repairs. 

1)  Board authorized immediate repair for Bldg 2 &3 front decks with funds coming out of painting fund.  Additional pricing coming in for rest of deck work.  Future assessment TBD but expected to be in the range of $500 (~ 2 months monthly fee). 

2)  Pool liner needs replacement again at cost of $4600

3)  CO detectors need replacement at cost of $5,666

11 Mar 2016 Owner Notification Status update:  Nov 2015 Annual meeting had discussed the need for a large assessment to replace decks, stairs and railings on buildings 1 to 4.  Also to have a follow on meeting in April 2016.  April 2016 meeting postponed and status of project provided


14 Nov 2015 Owner Notification Minutes of Annual Meeting
13 Oct 2015 Owner Notification Notification of 2015 annual meeting (14 Nov 2015, 1000, at Gibson Center).  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting


13 Oct 2015 Owner Notification Notification of 2015 annual meeting (14 Nov 2015, 1000, at Gibson Center).  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting
10 Dec 2014 Owner Notification Snow removal policy and efforts
Dec 2014 Newsletter

Recap of association meeting (dues increasing to $255/month starting Jan 2015, send e-mail if an owner still wants a monthly statement), Unit Owners Obligation reminders (thermostat settings, fire alarm batteries, cleaning stove pipes in your unit)

16 Oct 2014 Owner Notification Notification of 2014 annual meeting.  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting


16 Nov Annual Meeting Minutes Summation of past year and future plans.  Remembrance of Dave Bridgewood, Long time Board member serving as treasurer
~Oct Annual Meeting Notice Undated package containing Annual Meeting Agenda and Meeting Information




3 Nov 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

Moment of silence for Frank Hogg and Tony Bellucci (both who passed this year), Annual reports plus emphasis on rules/fines (no grills on decks, no unleashed dogs, or abandoning items in storage common areas). 

Spring 2012 Newsletter   Passing of Frank Hogg and Tony Bellucci (two prominent Northface leaders sorely missed), New Pool to be ready by late June,  Important Info or Reminders (Rules).  Items such as procedures to change locks, lockouts, water heater checking, fire alarm operation




12 Nov 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes  




20 Dec Misc Owner Notices Maintenance fee raises to $225/month starting 1 Jan and how to pay, Cars not moved during snow clearing of parking lot will be plowed in, keep unit heat at 55 degrees minimum
21 Oct 2010 Owner Notification Notification of 2010 annual meeting.  Includes proposed budget and minutes of last years annual meeting
5 Jun Owners Meeting Review Audit Findings from the Finance Committee (For a period of time, the Association tried going to two meetings a year.  This was one of those years)


7 Jan 2009

Owner Notification Joint letter explaining traffic/property accident on property on New Years


8 Jan 2008

Annual Meeting Minutes  




15 Dec 2006 Management Reminders Special assessment due dates, misc reminders, forwarding of important contact numbers including the Board of Director phone/emails
11 Nov 2006 Minutes of Annual Meeting Approval of 2007 Special Assessment, Status on insurance claim from July reroofing water damages
Oct 2006 Notice of Annual Meeting

Agenda and materials for the 11 Nov 2006 Annual Meeting

02 Sep 2006 Management Update on Unit damages/Roof Leak

3rd update on situation.  Insurance adjusted has approved the quotes to restore the 11 damaged buildings.

03 Aug 2016 Executive Board letter to owners on hostilities

"Lengthy"  letter discussing the major projects that required completion and current state.  Defines roles and responsibilities for owners, the management company, and the Role of the Board of Directors.  Addresses "the confusion [that] has developed into unfounded criticisms, accusations and hostility toward the Board and Management"

31 Jul 2006 Management Update on Unit damages/Roof leak

2nd update on situation. Defines extent of damage in each of the ten impacted units

24 Jul 2006 Management Update - Unit damages/Roof leak

Notifying owners of building 3 and 4 water damage.  Roofs were in the process of being re-roofed when water damage from an unexpected storm caused damage to ten units.  More info to follow

Jun 2006 Management Newsletter

* Misc updates and rules  /  Welcome new owners  / Reminder of quarterly payment towards $1,835 2006 Special Assessment

* Building 3 and 4 roof replacement behind schedule - both should be complete by Jul 4th

* Modification forms requested for deck privacy dividers and kitchen wall mounted air conditioners (To ensure following the approved approach)

13 Mar 2006 Management Reminders

*Building 3 and 4 Roof replacement targeted for May 2006

*Misc reminders and updates



05 Dec 2005 Additional Issues from Annual Meeting

*  Promotion of the Northface website

*  Updated status on the special assessments with amounts/due dates

* Status on chimney flu repairs (Association Issue)

12 Nov 2005 Annual Meeting Minutes

* Approval of 2006 Special Assessment

* Rules and fines discussion; no personal items on deck to include birdfeeders, hanging plants, and window/rail planters

* Chimneys need repair and 10 units can not use their woodstoves until the reported problems (by the North Conway Fire Department) are repaired.

9 Nov 2005 Board of Directors Ltr - Condition of Unit Stoves/Pipes Results of safety inspection conducted by vendor (Safety Sweep).  Per Fire Marshall, 10 units prohibited from using the wood stove until corrective action is taken
27 Oct 2005 Management Reminders - Misc Numerous misc topics (e.g., water heater & dryer vent maintenance reminders with plumber recommendations, monthly payments received after the 10th incur a $25 fine, keep heat at 55 degrees minimum
25 Oct 2005 Management Reminder - Window Screens Every unit must have for consistency of appearance.  Owners requested to have screens back in place (since the painting is completed) by 13 Nov 2005
25 Oct 2005 Annual Budget and Annual Meeting notes 2006 proposed budget, capital improvement plan
Jul 2005 Management Newsletter Numerous topics to include 1) Special Assessment of $1,835 due 1 Jan 2006, 2)  Status on siding replacement, 3)  Local non-residents using pool, rules reminders
18 Apr 2005 Board of Directors Ltr - Building Painting Provides owners two viable color schemes to select for the upcoming painting project
15 Apr 2005 Paint Committee Report to Board of Directors Results of the paint committee and survey for the change in color of the buildings
4 Apr 2005 Board of Directors Letter- Status of Capital Improvements Follow up to 5 Mar Special meeting on progress made to date
4 Apr 2005 Management request to Paint Committee Requests Paint Committee formalize alternatives so they can be sent out for owner vote
8 Mar 2005 Minutes of 5 Mar Special Owners Meeting Approval of Capital Improvement Plan and special assessment of $1,740 due 1 May 2005.  Discussion and rejection of motion for financial audit
11 Feb 2005 Special Meeting Notification - Building Siding Special meeting to be held 5 Mar 2005 to evaluate two proposals (Painting or vinyl siding) and discuss how to finance


13 Nov 2004 Minutes of 2004 Annual Meeting Major topic was discussion on a Capital Improvement Plan - A substantial investment will be needed in the next few years to address numerous issues as Northface reaches the 20 year mark
15 Oct 2004 Notice of Annual Meeting in Info Packet Minutes of 2003 Annual meeting, financial information, and fact sheet describing need for significant capital improvements
May 2004 Management Newsletter

Misc topics;

  • Northface Association Web Page has form for owner improvement requests
  • Rules for air conditioners
  • Fire alarm servicing and need for owners to provide management a key if locks changed for the Fire Department Lock Box
  • Survey of critical areas to be maintained by owners (smoke detectors, washer hoses, cleaning of dryer vents, stovepipe cleaning

5 Apr 2004 Board Letter to Owners on needed Capital Improvements 'State of the Union" letter signed by all Board of Directors.  Major projects are needed in the upcoming future as Northface reaches 20 years.   The Board is working on a Capital Improvement Plan to address these issues to maintain the property.
21 Jan 2004 Notice of wood stove fire Notifies owners of a fire that occurred in a stovepipe.  Northface Board mandating that owners clean their stovepies by 31 May and to do so at least every other year
Jan 2004 Newsletter to Owners
  • Snow Removal and local volunteer "Overseers" of conditions
  • Appeals committee for fines if owners would like to contest
  • Dryer vents require cleaning - notify management when done
  • Smoke detector replacement
  • List of key rule reminders


8 Nov 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes Special Assessment approved rather than raise monthly maintenance fees, smoke alarm replacement (at this time still considered an individual owners responsibility), establishment of a fine appeals committee, 2004 Annual budget
22 Sep 2003 Letter to Owners Call for owners interested in serving on the Board of Directors, Association Web page still to be maintained
Sep 2003 Newsletter Misc subjects (pool, tennis court, rules and fines, exterior lighting not to code and required replacement)
13 Aug 2003 Letter to Owners Change in Emergency call person from Joe Carpine to Mike Lynch
10 Jul 2003 Letter to Owners Rules and fines; Rules not being followed with many flagrant violations.  Fines will be automatically assessed
May 2003 Newsletter Many misc subjects to include pool repairs, real estate news, maintenance status, and reminders)
Feb 2003 Newsletter Many misc subjects to include Sewer line installation and billing,  snow mobile parking protocol, setting minimum heat in winter)
5 Sep 2002 Letter to Owners New Management Company (Selective Property Management) introduction letter to owners
5 Sep 2002 Letter to Owners Board of Directors letter concerning the change in Management Companies from Northern Woods to Selective Property Management effective 1 Oct 2002
Aug 2002 Newsletter Notice of Labor Day gathering, Opening of the North-South Road, Annual Meeting Announcement (and movement to the Labor Day Weekend, a trend that would be followed in all future years), Bldg 1 roof replacement status, Northface Resort website address, thank you to Tony Almeida for saving the Association thousands in landscaping costs, sewer project status with 12 Aug start date
25 Jun 2002 Letter to Owners Results of unit inspections and actions taken by owners, Northface website available for much of the pertinent information, new pool liner, new landscaping firm working out well
Jun 2002 Newsletter Thank you to owners participating in the Spring cleanup, 4th of July party plans, sewer plans complete for Northface, unit inspection results and notice that if 4 owners do not rectify issues (e.g., water tanks) than the association will do so and bill the unit owner
May 2002 Newsletter Results of unit inspections in regards to water tanks, water shutoffs, fireplaces, and washer hoses with results posted on the Northface website, updated owners list provided, Spring cleanup planned for 25 May, results of central satellite dish survey, copy of current rules
Apr 2002 Newsletter Notice of property inspections concerning fireplaces, washer hoses, hot water heaters per request of the insurance carrier.  Inspection to take place on Saturday 4 May 2002, Satellite Equipment survey (FCC ruling overrides condo docs to allow owners to install), smoke detector information (what each one does and where they are located), M. Lynch Landscaping  retained, tax filing as a Corporation vs a Home Owner Association, Northface owns the road between the Stratford Building and Woodland Hills Condominiums,  Northface website has become a popular means of communication, and many other subjects


Sep 2001 Newsletter Recognizes owners who 1) did landscaping and repairs and 2) Pool patching and repairs saving the association hundreds of dollars, details of Labor Day Party, Association Website, other misc items such as washer and water tanks replacement reminders
Jul 2001 Board Newsletter to Owners Northface Association website announced (Domain later changed to, Announced 4th of July Owners gathering, Executive Board News
29 May 2001 Letter to Owners Letter stresses owner responsibilities for maintenance and operation of their unit such as changing washer hoses and water heaters, cleaning dryer vents, cleaning wood stoves, etc
27 Mar 2001 Condo docs resent to all owners To provide all owners a current set of condo documents


04 Nov 2000 Annual Meeting Minutes Town mandated Sewer hookup, 10 year capital improvement plan for sewer, roofs, painting, pool, etc,
18 Aug 2000 Letter to Town Assessor Appeal to reconsider proposed 18-20% tax increase for Northface citing the multiple reasons why
1 May 2000 Letter to Owners (Storage Bins) Final notice (from 26 Mar notice) to remove items in areas other than an owners assigned storage bin
01 May 2000 Letter to Owners (Issues and Rules) Air conditioners only in kitchen window, no flower boxes, pets, no grills on decks (fire last year), common areas
26 Mar 2020 Letter to Owners (Storage Bins) Finalization of storage bins and continued request for current unit keys
17 Mar 2000 Key access needed to all Units Management letter stressing when changing locks, to provide a key to management so it can be stored in a lock box for the Fire Department (to avoid the twice exercised need to break down door for lack of a key)


Nov 1999 Newsletter Misc; Need to have keys from all owners, Association to do semi-annual extermination treatments in attic areas for cluster flies, mice, and ants, storage room renumbering, snow removal procedures, ballot for pre-payment discounts for monthly fees
6 Nov 1999 Annual Meeting Minutes Need for keys to all units, replacement screens, repainting, by-law change approved to eliminate certified mailings, problems from the 1997 painting project delayed until the Spring of 2000
11 Oct 1999 Letter to Owners (Annual Meeting Notice) Proposed amendment to by-laws to eliminate sending notices via certified mail (Saving $150 per mailing), meeting agenda
30 Jun 1999 Letter to Owner (By-law amendment) Forwards coy of amendment changing the Board of Directors from 3 to 5 members)
14 Jun 1999 Letter to Owners (4th of July Party) Association wide 4th of July Party Invitation
14_Jun_1999 Letter to Owners (Slider Doors) Mandatory color scheme for sliding glass doors (must be sandstone)
14 Jun 1999 Letter to Owners (Landscape Weekend) Results of the successful gardening weekend held the previous weekend
1 Jun 1999 Letter to Owners (Misc topics) Painting issues still to be reolved by contractor, request for landscape assistance to keep association costs down, discussion of recent rules violations, status of resales (many units for sale and request to not price low for quick resale and drop prices for all owners)


7 Nov 1988 Annual Meeting Minutes Vote to remove window inserts in all units, Not all window screens replaced as several units had not provided unit keys to management, By-Law amendment passed to increase membership of the Board of Directors from three to five owners (with the Board expanding to five at this meeting by electing additional Board Members, Need for Stratford roof to be replaced immediately to prevent any problems during the winter
Jun 1998 Newsletter Reminder of rules, reminder to replace water tanks over 10 years old, problems with last years painting will be addressed by the contractors, railings to be installed on first floor units to match the other floors instead of just an open area, Stratford Building roof to be replaced in late July, dumpster enclosures put on hold due to unexpected cost of Stratford roof, keys needed by unit owners by 22 Jun 1998


May 1997 Newsletter Provides details of completed projects (e.g., insulation installed in attics and basement areas, exterior stairway lighting installed, new paint colors of building selected, status or replacement pool liner).  Status of plannned projects (e.g., walkway to Stratford building to join the buildings, dumpster enclosures, landscaping).  Also addresses the Alternative heat proposal sent out 1 May to owners, and rule reminders
1 May 1997 Letter to Owners (Alternative Heat) Options for owners to procure alternative heat via Monitor kerosene heaters.  Payback expected in 12-18 months.  Letter provides cost and details


16 Nov 1996 Annual Meeting Minutes Monthly fee lowered to $135 (as lawsuit settled and no longer a loan to cover cost of needed improvements), agreement to change color of buildings to a lighter color, Approval to construct dumpster enclosures, Condo By-Law change approved to limit pets to owners only, discussion of alternative heating sources (besides the standard electric heat in the units)
Jun 1996 Newsletter MIsc subjects; e.g., Apple trees along driveway completed, parking lot retaining wall, discussion of rules)


Dec 1995 Newsletter Recognition of Frank Hogg for the work he did over many years as President to have construction deficiencies corrected and the litigation with the Builder settled, New Board and change in "Phase" as Northface finally able to move beyond the structural defects and corrections (with the litigation settled and funds dispersed) to becoming more "a showplace of the Mt Washington Valley", Newsletters to be used to keep "owners appraised of happenings at Northface and also to inform you of situations regarding rule violationns that may have occurred and need reminders"
18 Nov 1995 Annual Meeting Minutes Monthly condo fees raised to $140, completion of projects such as dryer vents, flue stops, sprinkler installation, pool retaining wall, rule violation procedure, $5,000 approved by owners to install ridge vents on roofs 1-4
18 Apr 1995 Letter to Owners (Rules) Discusses Rules violations and violation processing.  Also includes a short one-page rules list for easier reference


4 Dec 1994 Annual Meeting Minutes Bldg 4 foundation work completed with presentation by A. Coleman Construction, Two units damaged by water heater problems with owners to reimburse the association, Association to pay for dryer work to be done in all units to ensure commonality with $10,000 set aside for the effort, discussion of rules violations


23 Sep 1993 Letter to Owners (Litigation resolved) Letter from Attorney Steven Latici.  Settlement was reached with the developer in the amount of $940,000.  Each owner needs to sign and return a release before the settlement can be disbursed.


14 Nov 1992 Annual Meeting Minutes Status of Lawsuit, misc subjects including need to resolve dryer vents


8 Dec 1991 Annual Meeting Minutes Status of lawsuit against the developer, Fire Chief satisfied with the chimneys,


1 Dec 1990 Annual Meeting Minutes Status of lawsuit against the developer, Report of Structural Engineer that the contractor modified roof trusses create a liability to the association in the event of roof collapse due to heavy snow (with results sent to the town building inspector), Board to have roof shovelled after each storm until trusses are repaired, $60 Special Assessment approved in lieu of an increase in the monthly maintenance fee.




3 Dec 1988 Annual Meeting Minutes Status of lawsuit against the developer, Formation of a three person audit committee, need for installation of dryer vents


21 Nov 1987 Annual Meeting Minutes Financial accounting, status of law suit against the developer, condo improvements




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