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Northface Board of Directors      

The board is comprised of five people, each serving a three year term.  To provide continuity, the terms are staggered (i.e., three elected in first year, one each during the next two).  Board members must be owners.  These are voluntary, no pay, positions.  Every owner is encouraged to serve a term on the board - it is your association! 



If you served a term on the board, and every owner also took a turn, how often would it be before it was your turn to serve again?  Click on your guess below:

                    5 Years                11.6 Years                26.4 Years




Current Northface Board


Note:  Positions below are TBD as they are determined by the Board.  Positions and the new board member will be filled in when identified in the minutes of the 11 Nov 2017 Annual Association Meeting (Minutes due within 60 days of the meeting (in accordance with NH Law HB-353) so will update this page by 11 Jan 2018 when the minutes are received




Unit #

Term Expires


Anthony Almeida


November 2019

Vice President            

Forget name of  new elected Board Member


November 2020


Rupen Gulenyan


November 2018


Lisa Venditti


November 2018

Member at Large

Gary Page



November 2018

Contact information (Phone, e-mail, address) available per the owners list


Concerning Officers (ref Condo docs, page 29, para 4.1, Officers, Designation; "The principal officers of the Condominium shall be a President, a Clerk, and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by the Board.  The Board may appoint assistants or such other officers as its judgment may be necessary.  With the exception of the President, no officer need be a member of the Board.  The offices of the Treasurer and Clerk may be held by the same person."




Boards consisted of only three members from 1985 until 1999.   This was changed to five people (per association vote at the annual meeting) and incorporated into the Condo By-Laws as Amendment #2  (Recorded at Carroll Country Register of Deeds on 11 May 2000)





Serving on the Board

And the answer is.....26.4 Years.  There are 44 units in the complex.  Each term on the board runs for 3 years so there are 44 x 3 or 132 man years to fill the Board. But it is a five man board or 132 man-years/5 men = 26.4 years - So if each unit owner volunteered to serve on the Board, each unit owner would only serve on the board once every 26.4 years. 


Unit # Board Member Years Served President
02 Brenda McKeon Late 1980s (85-88?)  
02 Dennis McKeon Late 1980s (88-91?)  
02 Bob Minihan 2009-2012  
05 Bob Moore Late 1980s (85-88?)  
05 Joe Mooney 2007-2008*, 2011 -2017  
06 Sandy Swartz Late 1980s (85-88?)  
07 Al Psilopoulos* 2003 - 2007  
09 Dorothy Lowry 1985-1987 1985-1987
09 Patrick Carroll 2006 - 2009  
13 William (Bill) Tibetts 2012 - 2015  
14 Leo Kennedy Late 1980s (85-90)  
19 Bob Lang 2000-2003  
21 Ralph Morrison early 1990's  
22 Paul Gagnon 2000 to 2006  
23 Karen Bellucci 1991 to 2002 1992-2002
27 Frank Hogg 1987-1992 1987-1992
28 Cliff Toothaker 1997-2000  
31 Elsie Bessette 2003 - 2006, 2008-2011  
32 Tony Almeida 1999 to present 2003 - Present
33 Dick Goulden 1997-2000  
37 Tony Pettinelli 1997-2000  
39 Ronald (Ron) Weeks 2012 - 2015  
41 Dave Bridgewood 1997 - 2012  
44 Jim Rozzell 2002-2003 2003
44 Raymond Berthiaume 2006-Present  
Unk** Lisa Venditti 2015- Present  
Unk** Gary Page 2015- Present  

*  Al Psilopoulos left a vacant position on the board upon the sale of his unit. Joe Mooney was appointed by the Board to complete the term

**  Unable to obtain updated owners roster from Board or Management

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