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Northface Leaders

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Dorothy Lowry/Unit 09   Frank Hogg/Unit 27   Anthony (Tony) Almeida/Unit 32  
First Association President who initiated the structural defect lawsuit against the builder (Wonderview Development Corp)   Association President leading Northface through repairs of structural construction defects   Twenty years on the Board of Directors (16 years as President)  









Dorothy Lowry/Unit 09:

Dorothy Lowry served as the first President of the Northface Resort Condo Association.  Unknown to owners, with the lax to non-existent code enforcement and verification of the early 1980s, Northface was constructed with numerous defects.  Dorothy assumed the lead to address these issues as well as work to improve the resort

     For the building defects, these primarily dealt with shoddy construction of foundations, fireplaces, and modified roof trusses.  Back in the 1980s there was only a three person Northface Board of Directors who dealt with all the legal proceedings.  What many people did not realize is that the Association lawsuit could not proceed without a guarantee of funds, which the new Association did not have in reserves nor could Northface borrow as an entity.  So Dorothy Lowry, and fellow Board Member Sandie Swartz (Unit 06) signed personal guarantees to move forward.  The Conway Sun did an article on the successful lawsuit which resulted from Dorothy and Sandie's efforts.

    Dorothy also took the lead for the beautification of the property.  The original property had dirt driveways "adding to the rustic charm".  Updating to paved driveways was a priority to Dorothy.  Also, the barren mountain view front lawn was stark.  Dorothy worked to allocate the funds which resulted in the crab apple trees we have along the driveway and the front mounds in front of buildings 2 and 3.



Dorothy and her husband enjoyed the Mt Washington Valley.  They sold their home in Reading MA and moved to Bartlett.  While Dorothy also sold her Northface unit, she remained close to the Association with her business, At your Service.  Here with a fee of $10/month, Dorothy would conduct weekly safety checks of units for owners who were away as well as arrange for cleaning or other desired services. 

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Frank Hogg/Unit 27:

Frank Hogg served as President of the Northface Resort Condo Association in the early years beginning in 1987 thru 1995.  These six years were an especially difficult time for Northface with a multitude of construction defects to resolve.  Two major issues included an imminent collapse of the Building 4 foundation and the altered roof trusses in Buildings 1-4.

Frank was the right man for the job and met the challenge with the knowledge and dedication needed to see the Association successfully through those difficult times.  Frank made countless trips with his wife, Gwen, to Northface to keep an eye on the repair work as well as to interact with our lawyers in an Association lawsuit against the developers. 

Some of you may recall during this time the Association notices concerning the developer altered roof trusses, advising that the buildings might have to be evacuated during the winter - citing the possibility that the weight of the snow could collapse the defective roofs.  All of this was successfully resolved particularly due to Frank’s efforts

A Navy veteran, Frank was often affectionally and respectfully referred to as “Commander Hogg”

Perhaps the best description of Frank's contribution came from the Northface President who succeeded Frank in 1995.  From the December 1995 Newsletter;

"At the annual meeting, again on behalf of the entire Association, both Ralph Morrison and I tried to thank Frank for his tireless work over the years in  regard to the problems, resulting lawsuit, and then the settlement work.  Countless hours were expended by Frank in discussion and meetings regarding all of it.  This time is all "volunteer" and the small token of appreciation from the Association presented to Frank at the meeting could not even begin to express our gratitude.  Although he didn't make decisions single-handedly, it was he, who met with contractors and attorneys, oversaw projects, and the conferred with the other Board members.  Frank's wife, Gwen, should also be thanked for putting up with all the "trips north' so Frank could do this.  They missed many good ski days, postponed many family visits, etc, so our Association could be successful in its endeavor.  For the Association, I wish both Frank and Gwen the good health and fortune to enjoy their retirement!  (But don't go too far away, i.e., Australia, because I know we're going to need your advice and expertise to finish the work!)"




Frank and Gwen hiked many of the trails together in the local area such as the Moats and Kearsarge


Sadly, Frank passed away in 2012.  Gwen remains an owner, enjoying Northface with their children and grandchildren.


Mt Washington Hotel

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Tony Almeida/Unit 32:


Tony served on the Northface Board of Directors from 1999 to 2019.  Mr. Almeida, often called ‘Mr. Mayor’ and referred to as the mayor of Northface, holds the distinction of being the longest serving President of our Association (sixteen years).   Under his leadership, Northface operated efficiently including the first repainting and re-roofing of the buildings.


Always a people person, Tony led and guided Northface as a community with Association events and socials to foster relationships and build a strong community.  Most popular were the work parties held for mulching the flowerbeds - engaging owners to accomplish the task.  On more than one of these occasions, Tony mulched the entire bed himself – one man, one wheelbarrow!

4th of July Picnic


Labor Day Picnic


Together with his wife Mary, the Almeida’s were frequently present at Northface, making the drive from Rhode Island, often with their children and grandchildren.

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