Revised:  01/02/2010

Building 4 Foundation Repair


The biggest structural problem with Northface Resort involved the foundation of Building 4.  The original foundation was structurally unsound.  Under the oversight of Frank Hogg, Northface Board President, Building 4 was jacked up, moved into the parking lot, and the foundation replaced during the months of September and October 1994.

Click here for the write-up of Building 4 in the Conway Sun (8 Oct 94)


Building being jacked from the foundation


Building off foundation and supported by I-Beams


Sliding Building into the parking lot


The old slab foundation did not need to be demolished - it fell apart when the building was moved - note the total lack of steel rebar in the concrete


The first of 24 pylons driven into the ground to provide stability for the new footings


Capping the pylons with concrete


New footings complete


Forms top pour the new concrete walls - this time the foundation will have steel rebar to hold the concrete


Setting I-Beams across the foundation


Ready to move Building 4 back on its foundation


Ready to lower the building back on its new foundation


Finishing touches

Thanks Board of Directors, in particular, Frank Hogg, President during this project, for the seemingly endless hours volunteered to orchestrate and oversee this project.



October 8th, 1994 - Conway Sun


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