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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there any Northface Information On Line?

Answer: There are two sites which may be helpful.  These are not “official” Association venues - they are privately maintained by individual owners.  Any official correspondence will come from the Property Management agent (Forest Glen Property Management) or the Board of Directors.

  1. Facebook under the “Northface Resort Owners Group”:  Open to all Northface owners who wish to join

  2. Web at  :  A wealth of information for easy reference on Northface history, area activities, and published information (e.g., rules, past correspondence, documents)

  1. Who is on the Board of Directors?

Answer: Members of the current Board of Directors are listed on the web page under “Board of Directors

  1. How can I contact the Board of Directors?

Answer: The easiest way is to email at


  1. Who is the property management company and how can they be reached?

Answer: The current management company and contact information is listed on the web page under Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After purchasing, who should be contacted first and for what purpose? 


    1. The primary point of contact is the management agent. The management agent is retained by the Association for day-to-day operation of Northface in accordance with para 3.2 of the Northface by-laws. If it is an issue outside of the Management agent’s responsibility, Management will contact the Board of Directors.

    2. For Emergencies such as fire, active crime or a life critical situation / accident, Owners should dial 9-1-1. A call to Management would be prudent for awareness and any required subsequent action.

    3. For non-emergency owner specific (not association issues) such as a lockout, owners should also contact Management.  As a final resort, After hours Emergency maintenance service calls can be be directed to the maintenance  company (currently EG Chandler at 603-356-6060).  Caution: A separate charge for these type services may be assessed to the Unit Owner. (Ref  (ref Spring 2012 newsletter, item 4)

    4. Additional information can be found on the web under “Frequently Asked Questions”


  1. What is the schedule for the upcoming Association meetings?

Answer: An annual owners meeting is held each November.  In addition there are several open Board of Directors meetings throughout the year for the Board to conduct Board Business with owners invited/welcomed to attend to " afforded a reasonable opportunity to comment on any matter affecting the association." (NH Condo Law, Chapter 356-B:37-c).  Notice of all meetings will be sent to owners in advance by the management agent.  A current listing of dates can be found on the web title page at


  1. What paperwork does the Property Management need (such as copies of insurance)?

Answer: There should be no additional paperwork required after your purchase. The management company will reach out requesting contact and vehicle/pet registration information to ensure you are integrated into the Northface network.

  1. What is the protocol for owners desiring to make improvements to their unit?


    1. For interior changes, ANY type of structural change must first be approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with the By-Laws.

    2. For ANY type of exterior change, owners must first obtain permission from the Board of Directors (e.g., Doors, windows, sliders, decking, alternative heat sources). Owners do not need to obtain permission for changes that the Board has already approved for association wide use. A listing of the Board of Directors approved association wide options is available on the web under “Worth Knowing” or the direct URL is

  1. How does parking work in the winter with snow?

Answer: The winter parking policy is available at

  1. What are the local contacts for Electric, Water, Taxes, and Internet?


Electric (monthly):

N H Electric Cooperative (NHEC)

(800) 698-2007

Water (quarterly):

North Conway Water Precinct

(603) 356-5382

Taxes (semi-annually):

Town of Conway (Property Taxes)

(603) 447-3811

Internet (monthly):

Consolidated Communications

(844) 968 – 7224


  1. What about receiving mail and package delivery to the units?

Answer: There in no mail delivery at Northface from the U. S. Postal Service. Full time residents may rent a P.O. Box. They report this has worked out fine for everything except delivery of packages. Some companies will not deliver to a post office box number and want a physical address. It has been hit-or-miss with UPS. Some drivers find Northface and others have not. Owners with a North Conway P.O. Box have gotten good results (and their packages!) using the following delivery address:

[Your name}
78 Grove Street #[Your PO Box number]
North Conway, NH 03860.

  1. Is there a local trails map?

Answer: Many trail maps can be found on line. There is a map of the conservation land and Greenhills Preservation on the web (under Activities/Attractions, then Summer, then Hiking, then Peaked Mt) or the direct URL at

Also there is posting of some popular local hikes on the web under Activities/Attractions, then Summer, then Hiking