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The 1980s!



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Stratford Building aaaaa cccc dddd At Your Service Established




1982 - 1985

The 4 unit Stratford building was built in 1982.  It was called "The Stratford Building Condominium at Woodland Hills Condominium".  It contained 11.7 acres of land and the apparent plan was to build 3-bedroom, four unit structures on the remaining land.  That plan was modified under Wonderview Development.  The planned development was changed to construct an additional 40 units  (the current buildings 1-4) and change the name to "Northface Resort, A Condominium at Woodland Hills".  All 44 units are now part of Northface Resort.

Construction on buildings 1-4 was mainly completed during 1984 and 1985 with the majority of units being sold during pre-construction.  The model unit was unit 12 in Building 2.  The main salesman was Jim Kennedy, the son of Northface owners (at the time) Leo and Pauline Kennedy of Unit 14.

Click here for original sales brochure








At Your Service

Dorothy Lowry was an original unit owner and the first association President.  Dorothy and her husband (Bob) sold their unit in 1987 and moved to Bartlett when they decided to permanently move from Massachusetts to the Mt Washington Valley.

In 1989, Dorothy started "At Your Service" which was a weekly check of a condo unit for $10 per week and they also did cleanings.  Dorothy offered to restock with standard rental supplies for the cost of $6.50 per visit!  This was a much appreciated service with many unit owners utilizing At Your Service

Click on the flyer on the left to read full size.  But prices increased over the years leading to an astronomical (Thats a joke...) $35 per unit cleaning in 1990!



Nancy Grant Reality

Back in the 1980s, renting a condo was a 'way of life' if families wanted to vacation in North Conway. That is the way it was done.   It was a different world without the internet or Air B&B.  There were few hotels in the area.  Besides the Red Jacket, Green Granite, and the Fox Ridge, there were a handful of locally owned (i.e., "Mom and Pop) motels.  To put in perspective - think of the Sheraton and the Settlers Green complex - none of that existed and the area was still in active use as a regional airport.

Nancy Grant was a leading local realtors who did rentals.  Nancy even invested in Northface by purchasing Unit 1.  Click here if you would like to see how 1989 rentals were handled in a paper world.





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